Sunday, March 13, 2011

Days Three, Four and Five: March 10-13, 2011

Well, I spent the weekend in Denver to spend time with Family, and for Tony's cousin's last high school musical.  It was The Sound of Music!  (She did an amazing job by the way..)  With the travel and going from place to place, I didn't get the opportunity to get as much reading in as I have been hoping, so I will have to figure out my new daily reading needs tomorrow!  I did get in some reading every day, and spent quality time with family.  Although, I didn't get in as much as I was hoping, I think that a little added each day is worth it considering the quality time I did get to spend!  :)  I missed posting every day, but like I said, I was spending much needed time with family!  I am happy to report that I have not even really been tempted to check in on Facebook!!  :)  I must admit that there were a few times that I wanted to post something about my weekend though.  Also I have friends who had a baby this weekend, and I really wanted to check in on them!  I am thankful for the email that they sent with pictures of her!  When all is said and done, I may fall short, I may stumble, but I am putting in the effort.  I cannot be too critical of myself, that is when the real failure begins!!  I know that with the help of my God, that I will make it through!!  :D

Update on the permit... I FAILED!!  So I am officially a pathetic almost 30 year old who failed a learner's permit written test!  In my defense, I had not really read the NE book, and there were questions about rural areas.  Some that others didn't fully know!  So now I will study, and next week, I WILL officially be a legal resident of Nebraska!
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