Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day One: Almost the end of day one!

Well, I am reaching the end of day one, of my journey.  After posting this, I will be going to bed, and spending some quiet alone time with God.  Day one went pretty well.  I got a lot of time in reading the Bible!  One time just out of habit I picked up my phone to check Facebook, but I caught myself, and was able to cancel it before I started.  That was somewhat eye-opening!  I couldn't believe that it had been less than 24 hours, and I was already "jonesin'."  I know that it should get easier as time goes by.  Who knows, maybe I will stop Facebook completely by the end of this process.  That would have to be God telling me to though.  I really enjoy being able to keep in touch with my family and friends that I don't get to see very often.  I feel that this will be a healthy change in my life.  I probably read more of my Bible in the day, than I ever have in my life.  As I was reading, I kept saying, to myself, "one more chapter, ok maybe just one more." As if it were a novel.  That was a good sign to me that I will succeed in this journey.  I feel that this really will be a lifestyle change.  Even once I do go back to Facebook, I know that this feeling will become addicting, and I will continue to grow, and I will desire this special daily quality time.  I feel that we (by we, I of course mean me) to easily get comfortable in our (my) faith.  And we (I) just take our (my) religious rights and freedom for granted.  If we were not so blessed to live in a country that we had the freedom to worship however we choose, would we still be so mediocre in our relationships!?  Somehow, I doubt it.  I feel like we would cherish it so much more (and by we, I of course do mean WE this time!)  Americans take so much for granted.  We are so spoiled, that we don't even realize how good we really do have it.  Yes, our country has many faults.  Of course there will always be room for improvement.  But we are allowed to love Jesus!  We have rights, we have freedoms, we have clean water, and food to eat!  Yes, there are areas that the water is not so great, and there are families that don't know where their next meal is coming from.  We do have programs to help these families though.  We have food banks, and government assistance.  There are places in the world, who do not have these options.  They don't have the option to love Jesus.  Now this also means, that people have the right to practice other religions.  This is also something I am thankful for, as odd as that sounds.  God gave us free will.  He wanted us to make the choice to love him, to CHOOSE him!!  How much would religion mean to us if we didn't make the choice, and it was just forced upon us.  Would we really have faith!?  I am sure some of us would..  Think about how much more it means to us, and Him that we love him because we get to, and want to, rather than HAVE to. 
Huh.. Have to...  I want to have to!  I want to need Him so much that I HAVE to have more of Him.  I want Him to be my top priority, my best friend, my helper, my rock, The Only thing I need to survive.  I want for Him to be the reason that I breath.  So scratch that statement.  We should HAVE to be near Him.  But not because someone else told us that is how it will be, but because we feel that there is no place we would rather be, than in His presence.  In this country, I HAVE to love Jesus!  I HAVE to be in daily fellowship with Him!  I HAVE to need Him!  I am thankful that I live in a country that I HAVE to be a Christian, because I need it for survival!  My life depends on it! 

Until Next Time!!

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