Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 12: March 20, 2011 (a day late...)

I am posting a day late..  I just didn't post yesterday.  There is no abundance of wisdom that I have to share about  my day yesterday.  I am excited that yesterday marked the first day of Spring!

I had gotten some rather sad news through out the day though.  I have a friend who is a grandmother to a little 9 month old.  She has custody of her.  The little girl has spina bifida.  She is a trooper!  She has already had several surgeries, with another scheduled for Wednesday!  This one will be on her brain and spine.  Another friend had a newborn (less than a week old) who has elevated bilireubin levels. She also quit breathing one day, and has not been eating as well since being home.  She is spending her time in a little bed that her Mommy calls her "baby tanning bed."  And yet another friend who has a little boy that is about 1 and a half if I remember right.  Her little guy was a bit early, and has had some breathing issues off and on.  He is in the hospital with breathing problems again. 

I am a baby person, to get all of this information, in about an hours time, was a little bit heart breaking.  I don't know why babies have to suffer.  As a Christian, I'm asked this question all of the time.  "If God was real, why would He let children get sick." Or "why would He let 9-11 happen..."  I don't know why people get sick, other than the fact that we are born into sin.  God didn't make us sin, we made that choice.  He gives us free will, we are allowed to chose what we say and do.  Yes He could have made us all love, follow and obey Him.  But he wanted us to make that choice.  Love doesn't mean as much if it's not given, rather than forced.  I always hated when people said "don't you love your parents.." and the answer would be "well, yeah, but I have to."  We don't have to, I'm sure that there are people that really feel as though they are loved (or love) because they feel that love is a requirement, not a gift.  Granted, Jesus does say the most important COMMANDment (Matthew 22:37-40) is Love God with all of your heart, mind, and spirit, and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself.  Yes, we are commanded to love, but we make the choice to give that love.  God gave us that right!  He wants us to love Him, but we wants us to want to love Him!  Likewise, he commanded us not to sin, but we still have the ability to sin.  It is in our nature.  Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. And because this is our nature, we cannot have the perfect story book lives that we are expecting God to give us.  Yes He is mighty, yes He can grant any miracle we ask for, yes He can take away our right to choose.  He can easily decide to make us unable to sin, to worship Him, and only Him.  He wants us to make these choices.  He could have easily made the trees in the garden in accessible to Adam and Eve, after all, He knows all.  He could have prevented them from ever being able to get to the tree.  I'm not claiming to know all and see all!  I cannot fully understand what is in Him.  But I do know this, God does not make people sin!  We make the choice to fall into temptation.  God did not fly those planes into the World Trade Center.  People become ill, or are hurt because they live in a world stricken with such evil and sin.  Sin is in all of us.  Christians are not immune to illness, anymore than we are immune from sin.  There is a term, living in sin, but in all reality, we are all living in sin.  There is not greater, or lesser sin.  All sin separates us from the Glory of God.  Babies are innocent yes, so why do babies become ill?  That is a question that I am not wise enough to answer.  Other than to say, that they live in a world so filthy, so corrupt, that even they are not immune to the damages we have put into this world! (This is not referring to pollution and whatnot... Well maybe metaphorically, our hearts are polluted..)

Could I be wrong...  Possibly!  I like I said, I don't have the capability to fully understand the Heart of God.  He is too big and too powerful, and too WOW for me to ever be on the same playing field as Him.  I know He allows us to be tested to one prove our faith, and two to strengthen our faith.  But it is not in me to fully grasp everything that is in Him!  He is omnipresent and omnipotent, while I am only present, and not even semi potent!  These questions would be better asked of God!!  Or at least one much wiser, and smarter than I.

Wow, so I started "yesterday's" blog with nothing to say, other than it was a little rough in the news category, and I went off on a completely unknown tangent!  That being said, I am still doing well on staying away from Facebook, and ok on reading my Bible.  Yesterday, I didn't read much at all, but (as you read) I spent some time in prayer!  I would love if you would add these, and all families really, to your daily prayers.  I will do my best to keep you updated, as I know more!! 

Until Next Time!

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