Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Eight: March16, 2011

I love seeing God's hand at work! Today Tony told me that hegot a Facebook message from someone he has never even met. I know the individual. I used to go to church with him. He moved out of state before Tony went to Cornerstone, though. Tony does know of him, he just doesn't know him personally.. Oddly enough they are not even Facebook friends, which I think makes this that much more cool! Anyway, here is the cool part of the story.. The message was simple, just one Bible verse, nothing more. One verse that actually was exactly what Tony needed at that moment in time! While we were talking about it over the phone, Tone couldn't remember the exact verse, so he said that he would text it to me. So while I didn't know what the exact verse was, I knew Tone was excited about it! The verse? Jeremiah 29:11. For those of you who have been "following" this blog, you may have noticed the verse at the top of the page! If you have not been following it, or if you have but have not noticed it, look up! It happens to be Jeremiah 29:11.

I decided shortly after moving that this would be my theme verse, for the move, and life in general! It is also my new favorite verse! It was actually my second to last status on Facebook, before the departure! I absolutely LOVE this verse! It spoke to my heart when I needed it most! Now God has sent a stranger to give Tony the same words He gave to me! As I stated previously, I had posted it to Facebook, and I had it on here, but I also sent it in a text to Tony. I never said it to him directly, or read it to him personally though. I don't know why! He isn't an avid Facebooker, or texter, but I never did. So since I never told Tony the words that God have me to help the healing process in my heart, he sent a stranger to give Tony MY verse! God gave us both the verse that we needed!  In two very different, and very real ways. Knowing that, He spoke these words to both of us, (for different reasons) gives me that much more faith God meant these words! That He is promising them, not just to me, or just to Tone, but to both of us, as a family! OUR GOD IS AWESOME! I will end this post the same way it began.. I love seeing the Hand of God at work!

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