Saturday, April 30, 2011

One week later...

My fast has been over for a full week now.  I feel that I have transitioned in nicely.  I am still making sure to reserve part of my day to God, no matter how busy I am.  I am also limiting my Facebook time to little a day.  I am aiming for no more than an hour a day.  This will just be a short entry, I just thought I would post how everything was going!!  :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Final Hours: April 23, 2011

Well, as of tomorrow, (which is technically in 4 hours and 35 minutes from the time I started writing this) my fast is over. It has been a very long, yet not long enough, journey. When it started I just wanted to make sure that I was spending much needed one on one time with the Lord. A goal that I feel that I have reached. I gave up Facebook in order to spend more time with Him. As it turned out though, after only one day, I got the bright idea that I could read through the entire Bible, through this fast. It didn't sound like it would be too hard. 9 daily readings from my yearly Bible. That meant about 2.5 hours of reading a day. That felt completely logical and doable at the time. As time went on though, I would often find myself curious about something that I was reading and would want to research it. That is not a problem!!  I am quite excited about all of the questions that stirred in my mind as I went through The Journey. These questions though, took up time. When it came down to it, it was far more important for me to fully understand, and do my best to find out the answers to the questions, than it was to reach my goal. I am proud of the progress that I have made. It did become slower once I started work, though, I still fully intend to be through the Bible in less than 6 months. For those of you who may be curious about how far into the Bible, I did get, here it is in the Old Testament I have read, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and I am in 1 Samuel. In the New Testament I have read, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and am in John. I have read 105 of the Psalms and about 1/3 of Proverbs. In about 6.5 weeks, I don't think that is too bad.

As much as I have missed Facebook, these past weeks, I am so thankful that I have given MYSELF this time that I needed with God. I am also glad that I have given GOD this time. I am grateful for everything that has happened in the course of this past 6.5 weeks. I have started a new job, that I happen to love. I have been more disciplined than I have ever been.

God is taking us in a whole new direction! I can't wait to share all of the new exciting things God has in store for us, as they begin to unfold! Stay tuned, God is big and I think He has some big things planned for us! (No I am not pregnant) Thank you for being a part of our Journey!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days Thirty Nine - Fourty One: April 17-19, 2011

I am entering the home stretch!!  Technically my fast could be over.  I have gone 40 days without Facebook!!  I will continue on through the fast until after Easter.  It has been a super long, and surprisingly short ride!!  I wonder what Ruth said to me today on Facebook... She did not know about the extra few days!!  As you may have read, I counted and realized that from Ash Wednesday-Easter Sunday is really 46 days, not 40.  Since I am not Catholic, I didn't realize that they add in extra days because they allow themselves to indulge on Sundays.  I chose not to indulge, and to just add in the extra six days.  My friend Ruth, was going to count down the days on my Facebook Wall..  So I wonder what she said today, being that today is technically day 41.  Anyway, back to the home stretch!!  I am almost done with my fast.  I have to say, while I never really missed it, I have missed the people that I have been keeping touch with through the addictive social networking site! For those who don't know me, I have recently moved from the only state I had ever lived in, to the state next door!  This was all about a week and a half before I decided to give up Facebook for Lent!  It has been hard to not check in on pictures, status' etc.  I had three friends who had a baby during this fast, and I have missed seeing their beautiful pictures.  I also had a few friends who's babies had a birthday while I was gone.  One friend who was married, all of these, I feel that I missed out on!  That statement alone makes me sad.. When did looking at pictures on Facebook become our way of feeling present?
On the other hand though, I have not really felt like I have been lacking anything from my life, other than pictures.  Even freeing up the time I spent on Facebook, and only working part time, I still feel that there are not enough hours in the day. I guess it doesn't matter how much time you have, it's never enough. 

The next time I post, it will probably be a summary of my Journey!  :D

Until next time..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Days Thirty - Thirty Eight: April 8-16, 2011 (I think...)

Well, it has certainly been a few days since the last post...  I guess I am a slacker!!  :D  Tony has officially made it to NE, so I have been spending my "spare time" with him.  As I expected my reading has not been as much per day as it was prior to him being here.  Though, it is still daily, and at least one daily reading.  I am on April 27th, and started with January 12th, on March 9th, Ash Wednesday.  Although I have not reached my goal, I do believe that that is quite an accomplishment.  I have read over 25% of the Bible in a little over a month!!  I am pretty excited to see everything that God is providing us lately!!  He is pretty awesome!!  I can't wait to see what all He has in store for Tony and I in the comming months!!  :D 

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday.  I again urge you if you are in an area that has the Passion Play that you try to make it out to one!!  It is pretty awesome!!  Enjoy this week, and reflect on what it is really about!!  :D

Until next time....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Twenty Nine: April 7

Today's post will be short and sweet! Though it says it all!!

I stole this from my mom!!  She has a daily email that she sends called blessings.  This is found at the bottom of it, I thought I would share it!

Place your mouse on the X below and drag to the O.

X Even though you can't see Him, GOD is there! O

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Twenty Eight: April 6, 2011

I love when a good Bible study becomes great.  I love when I am reading, and just going along, then all of the sudden I decide that I need to find something more out about what I am reading.  Whether it is something I feel that I need to understand more, or finding out where exactly something is located.. I am terrible with Geography in general, with the mile radius around me, let alone another country.  So when I decided to find a different Bible that had maps in it, I was pretty amazed when the little |-----| part of the map was 20 miles..  I used the imaginary ruler between my index finger and thumb and realized (even more so) how big this territory that God had set apart for the Israelites really was/is.  Yes I realize that God knew then that the population would increase.  Though, if that chunk of land seems so huge to me now, imagine how large it would have been then!  It's pretty fun really!!  I have always enjoyed Bible Study.  I have never really done an individual Bible study though.  With no book leading me, or outside of the comforts of a group Bible study.  Unless you count the times that I have taught Sunday School or Youth Group.  I guess what I mean is that I have never done a personal Bible Study, on my own, solely for me, and my enjoyment.  I am learning more than I thought I ever would, and still feel that I could be getting so much more out of it than I am!!  I can't wait to see what else is in store!!

Until Next Time..!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days Twenty Six and Twenty Seven: April 4 & 5, 2011

I feel very accomplished the past two days.  I have gotten a lot done!  While I am only averaging 3-5 "days" of reading in a day, I feel that I am getting a lot of reading done.  Sorry I know that last sentence was a bit confusing to read.   I hope to get some more in a day in the days to come.  I am very excited about my job and all of the fun stuff that is to come in the near future there too!!  Life is looking up, and I couldn't be more excited to see what all God has in store for me!!  

It's pretty exciting!!  :D

Until Next Time.....     

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Days Twenty Four and Twenty Five: April 2 & 3, 2011

This has been a very busy weekend.  Yesterday I went shopping...  I bought several things (including a pair of shoes) and spend only $12.80-something.  I think that I am a pretty good shopper.  A "quality" that annoys Tony to no end!  He hates that I will buy something, that I will eventually need, just because it is on sale.  He thinks that there are some conspiracies around it.  Though, other than the shoes (that are pretty cute considering they were only $0.54) I needed everything that I purchased. 

I feel that I have accomplished a lot in the past couple of weeks.. Though not spending nearly as much time with God as I would prefer!  After I post this I will be heading to bed for some Bible and prayer time.. Then some much needed sleep!!  I am excited to start another week of work, we will see what new and exciting things are in store for the month of April!!  After tomorrow, there will only be 20 more days of the fast if my memory is right..  I am sure now that I will not be finishing the Bible in time.  I do have faith that I will get it read soon though!!  I guess that 9 daily readings was a little presumptuous for me.  While they are all about 15 minutes each, when you factor in my "study time" and rereading so that I understand what I read fully, they end up being closer to an hour!!  Part of me still hopes to finish it, as unrealistic as that may sound.  I have not really missed Facebook too much.  Though from time to time, I wish that I could get on to get an email or phone number.  Who knew how dependant one could become on social networking?!  It has not even been around for that long in all reality..  I had found myself accidently signing on from my phone from time to time.  It is a bookmark, and I would out of habit go to that number for the bookmarks rather than my email, or google.  As soon as I noticed though, I got out of it.  I didn't scroll down to get a glimps of what I was missing.. I did see that I have at least one friend request, I didn't see the name or names and didn't click on it to see who it was.  That is something that I have been curious about since seeing it.  That was toward the beginning of the fast..  I feel bad, if it is someone who actually knows me, I hope that they are not feeling as if I don't want to get in touch with them.. Though, that is probably just a way of making the temptation stronger for me..  It won't be too long now before I will answer their request.  Who knows!?  I may not even know the person!!  :)  Well I have ramled on and on quite a bit tonight, so I think that I will give the readers, and my brain a rest, and conclude this post!

Until Next Time...

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Well

There was a girl, with a broken heart. Like a fragile glass dropped, and shattered.  It doesn't matter how long one spends sweeping up the pieces, she will still find more slivers days, or even weeks later.  Each time reopening wounds that she thought had long since healed.  A heart, once broken takes a long time to mend itself.  It takes time to find all of the pieces to make it complete again.  

She was hanging from a rope, leading down a well.  She held on with every bit of strength she had.  Just when she thought she was at the end of her rope, miraculously there was another foot, and then an other.  Until finally she reached rock bottom. 

She had sunk so far down that there was no visible light, coming from the opening of the well.  The only light she had with her was a small flashlight she kept close to her heart.  Stubbornly though, she was convinced that she didn't need it.  She had made it this far without it, she wouldn't use it now, unless she became desperate.  She justified these feelings by telling herself that she would need to use the flashlight if someone came looking for her.  The light would be needed to shine in order for them to see where she was.  She could not risk wasting the little battery life she had left.

She spend what felt like days, crouched down with her head resting on the knees, that she hugged so tight.  Waiting for her rescuers to come save her.  Finally, when she had given up hope of ever being brought up out of the well, she turned on the small flashlight.  To her amazement, the entire well lit up, as if the sun were right next to her.  Just feet in front of her, there was a tunnel.  A tunnel that was not very long.  She got up and followed the tunnel.  Within minutes she could see the light of day. 

Had only she turned on the light she had with her the whole time, she would have found her way out right away.

If we call on Jesus when we feel like we have reached rock bottom, (or the end of our rope) it won't be long before he leads us out of the darkness, and into the Light.

Days Twenty Two and Twenty Three: March 31, and April 1, 2011

Well, the past couple of days have been a little busy.  I have not gotten the chance to post a blog.  This may be partly because I have not had many great profound or wise things to say. (Hence the use of the word "things") There is nothing new or exciting with my fast, there is nothing new and exciting in my life... So this will also be a short entry. 

So, until next time!