Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Seven: March 15, 2011-I need some help here!!

I need wisdom!!  I was reading in my Bible today (NIV) and had to look up something else in reference to the Tabernacle.  It said (in Exodus 26:14) that the Tabernacle was to be covered in sea cow hide.  I looked at the end of the section to see what sea cow was, and it said dugong.  That was not helpful!  So I, being the over analyzer that I am, Googled it!  It is similar to a manatee from what I can tell, but not actually a manatee.  It is a mammal, and has a rubbery or leathery skin.  So knowing that, I felt confident to continue on reading!  But for some reason I decided to add in Bible to the Google search.  I came a across a blog that mentions that in other versions it says that it should be covered in badger skins, and in others it says sea cow or dugong. In reading comments one individual mentions that a dugong is an unclean animal, therefore God would never have the Tabernacle cover be make of their skins.  Leviticus 11:10-11 states that any animal in the sea that does not have both fins and scales is unclean.  Also that not only should they not be eaten, but that their carcasses are not to be touched, or are to be considered detestable in other versions.  As I mentioned, these animals are mammals with a leathery type hide, no scales.  I went to SearchGodsWord.org I typed in the Scripture, and then changed to various different versions.  Some said badger, some said sea cow, some said fine leather, or just leather, or porpoise skin, or goatskin, while another said violet coloured skins..  Should I just ignore these differences, that are pretty major!?  How can I find these answers??  I am finding that I wish that I knew more about Jewish laws!!  Any help would be appreciated!!  Thanks!!

I decided to look it up in the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible) which says sealskins.  Now seals are land and water animals, does this mean that they are considered clean then!?

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  1. Hi Lyndsay. Sorry it took so long to comment. I am not sure how much I can help you because the Tabernacle is an entire study all by itself so to point to one aspect without covering the rest can be confusing.

    Anyway, my bible (The Complete Jewish Bible) says "An outer layer of fine leather" But there is a lot of controversy on exactly what it was. Everyone seems to agree that it was a leather that protected the whole thing from the weather. It was especially important because the people likely had to donate the leather which would have been precious for footwear, but God did not let any of their shoes wear out the entire time they were in the desert

    Hope this made sense.