Friday, April 1, 2011

The Well

There was a girl, with a broken heart. Like a fragile glass dropped, and shattered.  It doesn't matter how long one spends sweeping up the pieces, she will still find more slivers days, or even weeks later.  Each time reopening wounds that she thought had long since healed.  A heart, once broken takes a long time to mend itself.  It takes time to find all of the pieces to make it complete again.  

She was hanging from a rope, leading down a well.  She held on with every bit of strength she had.  Just when she thought she was at the end of her rope, miraculously there was another foot, and then an other.  Until finally she reached rock bottom. 

She had sunk so far down that there was no visible light, coming from the opening of the well.  The only light she had with her was a small flashlight she kept close to her heart.  Stubbornly though, she was convinced that she didn't need it.  She had made it this far without it, she wouldn't use it now, unless she became desperate.  She justified these feelings by telling herself that she would need to use the flashlight if someone came looking for her.  The light would be needed to shine in order for them to see where she was.  She could not risk wasting the little battery life she had left.

She spend what felt like days, crouched down with her head resting on the knees, that she hugged so tight.  Waiting for her rescuers to come save her.  Finally, when she had given up hope of ever being brought up out of the well, she turned on the small flashlight.  To her amazement, the entire well lit up, as if the sun were right next to her.  Just feet in front of her, there was a tunnel.  A tunnel that was not very long.  She got up and followed the tunnel.  Within minutes she could see the light of day. 

Had only she turned on the light she had with her the whole time, she would have found her way out right away.

If we call on Jesus when we feel like we have reached rock bottom, (or the end of our rope) it won't be long before he leads us out of the darkness, and into the Light.


  1. Amen!
    if you don't mind me saying;
    hard to read with this font color, just too close to the background color, no?
    either that or I'm just getting too old to read these days...


  2. Very profound. I would like to use this one in Blessings if that is ok. I love you and happy birthday!

  3. Lenore, Thank you for your kind words. I know it is hard to read... Thank you though!! I switch the color with every post, this one happened to be the red day. I try to make it bigger and brighter on the red day.. It is not hard for me to read it on my screen, but I guess I might have to look into changing it around.

    Mom, thank you!! I appreciate that. I don't know how I feel about it being in Blessings. I don't want someone to steal it. Not that they can't steal it from here... I guess it is ok. Though, I would prefer for you to put my name on it, and not put it on Blessings for a couple of weeks. Love you!! And HAHAHAHAHA Thanks!! ;)

  4. I think that I fixed it. I changed all of the colors to yellow and orange! :) Other than the St. Patrick's Day post. I left that one green!! Thank you for the input! It is always appreciated.