Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days Thirty Nine - Fourty One: April 17-19, 2011

I am entering the home stretch!!  Technically my fast could be over.  I have gone 40 days without Facebook!!  I will continue on through the fast until after Easter.  It has been a super long, and surprisingly short ride!!  I wonder what Ruth said to me today on Facebook... She did not know about the extra few days!!  As you may have read, I counted and realized that from Ash Wednesday-Easter Sunday is really 46 days, not 40.  Since I am not Catholic, I didn't realize that they add in extra days because they allow themselves to indulge on Sundays.  I chose not to indulge, and to just add in the extra six days.  My friend Ruth, was going to count down the days on my Facebook Wall..  So I wonder what she said today, being that today is technically day 41.  Anyway, back to the home stretch!!  I am almost done with my fast.  I have to say, while I never really missed it, I have missed the people that I have been keeping touch with through the addictive social networking site! For those who don't know me, I have recently moved from the only state I had ever lived in, to the state next door!  This was all about a week and a half before I decided to give up Facebook for Lent!  It has been hard to not check in on pictures, status' etc.  I had three friends who had a baby during this fast, and I have missed seeing their beautiful pictures.  I also had a few friends who's babies had a birthday while I was gone.  One friend who was married, all of these, I feel that I missed out on!  That statement alone makes me sad.. When did looking at pictures on Facebook become our way of feeling present?
On the other hand though, I have not really felt like I have been lacking anything from my life, other than pictures.  Even freeing up the time I spent on Facebook, and only working part time, I still feel that there are not enough hours in the day. I guess it doesn't matter how much time you have, it's never enough. 

The next time I post, it will probably be a summary of my Journey!  :D

Until next time..

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