Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank you Pinterest! Take two on hair!!

So, I tried again today!!  Attempt number two, not so bad!!  Cute even, at least I think so..   You can watch the video here to see how it is done.  It definitely takes longer than 3 minutes for me! I believe that is partly because my hair is longer, maybe thicker, and I have much less experience doing things so extravagant with my hair!  My idea of a fancy hair style is sleeping in rollers, or pulling it back in a pony/bun!!  Hair styling know how needed to accomplish this?!  On a scale of 1-10, I would say maybe a two!! ;)  

Here are the pictures!  This is how it looked BEFORE work..

This is how it looked after work!  Note: it was super windy today, I had recess duty twice, and went to my sister-in-law's track meet for a bit.  To protect my "do" I draped a scarf over it while outside.  It was cold enough to want protection, but I didn't want to use my coat hood..

Last, this is how it looked after I took out the bobby pins, all 21 of them.  Not a curly as I would have thought.  My hair was still slightly wet though!

All in all, with better weather conditions and some work, I think this would be a doable hair do, even for us hair illiterates out there!!  If you have no desire to watch the video, it was really quite simple in theory.  Grab a strand of hair twist it around you finger (as if you were flirting with the cute boy in middle school science) then twist it with your other hand into a spiral type thing and pin it to your head!  I recommend watching the video I am sure my description was about as informative as the pictures on how to!  :)  I am going to try a couple of other techniques to accomplish the same look, and maybe a more secure look!  First though, I got my new nail polish, and want to to try the marble effect!  That probably won't be until Friday when I am off work though!  Thanks!!

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